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I don’t think exploiting animals is right on any level. And I don’t think that just honoring their spirit before you eat meat or wearing a vintage fur coat does them any good or any justice. I want to do something for them right here & right now.

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Jihad, Crips, extreme animal-rights activists, it’s all the same: people trying to damage the system.

Charles McKenna: head of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.  In his job, one of his priorities has been the use of computer technology to profile terrorism threats.
Info from: Green is the New Red by Will Potter. Quote can be found at the bottom of page #231. (via blucifer)


Terrorists & violent gang members are THE SAME as compassionate individuals trying to make the world a better place for all living things?!

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Tree Kisser: Welcome To My (Vegan) Shower!


This is a follow up from Saturday’s utterly heartbreaking post about monkeys bred and abused for animal experimentation. Animal testing seems to be one of the most under-addressed issues in the AR community, so I want to bring attention to it. It is incredibly easy to find products not tested…

Note: I was the photographer on this shoot.

(She wasn’t actually naked.)

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Vegenista: Compassion is the Fashion


I just ordered this & I cannot wait to receive it & wear it everyday!

“Compassion is the Fashion Bunny Necklace” by Love Infinitely on Etsy

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? This handmade treasure is part of Love Infinitely’s “Good Karma” Line & was inspired by Fur Free LA . Their incredible work is honored by this necklace. Fur Free LA is currently leading several campaigns encouraging companies to end their sales of fur. Wear this necklace with pride as a statement against cruelty towards animals in the fur trade & beyond…

**Check out (and join) Fur Free LA’s current campaigns here on tumblr -

I made that!!

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